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Assignment: Illustrated Brand/ Product Design

Details: Packaging Design Trio - Select just one idea.

Objectives: Students will be able to create a logo and packaging design concept for a company and product. Students will be able to create a cohesive trio of package designs that unifies the products as being a part of one brand, but still allows the different products to stand out to the consumer.

Assignment Overview: Using Illustrator, students will create three package designs for different products by the same company/brand. Designs must be placed on product template. Also – develop a series of at least three social media advertisements. Present on Web page or Spark.

First, I went with a simple logo. I knew I wanted a simple line of a face within a circle. The question was what style for the face. I thought of Picasso's style and went that route. Results below:

This week I learned that sometimes what you envision doesn't always go as planned but the objective is to always get the job done and produce quality work. When first given this assignment I took into account the time period and what time period within art I wanted to demonstrate within my project. Considering it was Black History Month I wanted to create an illustrated version of Josephine Baker. She was highlighted a lot during the 1920s. I wanted to use that same vintage/Gatsby style for my wine bottle. After several attempts I wasn't achieving the look I wanted and took another route. I went more modern and colorful.

So breaking these three illustrations up I came up with the designs below:

To achieve these looks I had to take into account different textures and colors that would complement the three main illustrations. I would sample the colors and use a triad complementary color scheme. I also had to thing of a tagline and once I picked one that I liked I need to find a font that would complement my playful illustrations. So simple was the way to go.

Next, was to take it to social media. My targeted audience was towards young adults so my social media ads were created in ratios that would suit Instagram. I had to think about social media ads. Short, simple, and sweet especially for a younger crowd. I limited any extra textures surrounding the ads because I felt the design itself were already illustration heavy.

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