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Ty Talks: Animation in Adobe Photoshop

Assignment: Branding with Illustrated Promotional work and Animated Logos.

This week I wanted to focus on how I could showcase my skillset in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We were instructed to create two separate illustrations. One must include a portrait of someone and the other must be an object. We would later animate these illustrations in Adobe After Effects or Photoshop.

I wanted to express my interest in photography and animation. With this in mind I decided to create a polaroid camera. This would be my object. Later the idea came to me about using a polaroid image as a way to include my portrait. Since this was my last year at Barton College I really wanted to highlight a special moment with some two of my good friends.


1. Creating the Camera in Illustrator

I used a vibrant retro color scheme and used the pen tool and rectangle tool to create necessary shapes.

2. Creating Portrait

First I had to find which image I wanted to use and use that as my reference. Next, I had to determine which style of illustrating I wanted to use. This was important because you never want to styles to clash. I went with a minimalistic avatar style. I used the pen tool to create these drawings. Later, I used the pathfinder and clipping masks to create a polaroid image that included my portrait.



3. Photoshop Animation

Last I took these images into Photoshop and used the Timeline to create my animation. Take a look at the different progress shots to see how I accomplished the results below! Tools used were: Timeline, Frame Display, Rectangle Marquee Tool, Transform: Distort

Final Results! :)

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