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Ty Talks: Logo Branding

Assignment: Logos Based on Design Principles Related to Branding. Designers use design principles to evaluate and inform the consistency and visual hierarchy of their design. Put into action, design and typographic principles, can then be used to make sure designs reach an intended target audience and/or meet the goals of a company or individual. Use this activity to introduce the how to use design principles and typography so students can evaluate and inform their designs. Logos aren’t just for large corporations.

Design Process:

Designing for myself was probably the most challenging aspect of the assignment. I couldn't decide on a style that I felt fit my personality and brand. I took some feedback from my instructor and applied it to my thought process. I was given a few words that she felt described my designing style such as simple/flat, strong color scheme, and type. I knew I wanted something that would be strong enough to stand on its on.

Tools used in Adobe Illustrator:

Radial Gradient

Pen Tool


Live Paint


(Left to Right)

Logo One: I took a san-serif font and only used the outline or stroke. Then I overlaid a handwritten font on top.

Logo Two: This design is one of my favorites. I wanted to move towards something more creative whereas logo one is a lot more simplistic. I also wanted to implement the letter 'T'and 'D' from my initial into the design. I created this design using the pen tool. I then expanded the appearance and make the vector appropriate for the Live Paint feature. This design is where I wanted to use the simple and flat style my instructor mentioned. I wanted to use three colors that I felt were retro and complimented each other. This is where the color choice red, blue, and yellow came in. I initially had a checkerboard texture on the outside of the D but I removed it because it felt too "Nascar" like.

Logo Three ( Color & Gradient) : The objective for my next logo was to implement the use of my first initial in a more creative way. I also wanted to continue the interlocking theme but this time I took a more repetitive approach. It was also important that a did a logo that I could see myself animating. I chose a more flat color scheme for one and another with a gradient color scheme.

Logo Four ( Color & No Color): I prefer the colored version better. Without color I was given the perspective that it could be a house. For several of the designs I decided not to add bottom text. It didn't seem necessary as I felt they stood alone well and some text could take away from the intention of the logo.

Logo Five: As I struggled to figure out what style I wanted I thought of words that reminded me of graphic designers. I thought of innovator. This lead me to the light bulb concept. I also knew I enjoy minimalism and negative space. So combining those three ideas I created a light bulb and used the negative space as a subtraction method towards the letter D.

Logo Six: This logo is probably my least favorite. I struggled with trying to find a way to give the letter a beveled look. The original intentions for the design was to make it appear to be pressed into the black background so the gradient would stand out. I used the pathfinder took to create the negative space between letters T & D.

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