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Ty Talks: Stepping into Dreamweaver

Creating the website in Dreamweaver was probably the hardest to do. I have not worked in Dreamweaver for about 3 years. I did appreciate the review. It's always good to go back to something you've stayed away from. You never know when you may have a client that wants to use this specific program.

In addition,this week we designed an ad for an Airline. The goal was to encourage a vacation to a desired location. I chose Paris for this project. This week my challenge was making a decision between sticking to an illustrated spread or create a more modern photo-heavy creation. Of course, I chose illustration but I'm satisfied with the overall results. I decided to go with a clipping mask with an illustration inside of it. I started by creating the object I wanted my mask to go into. This week I wanted to also try to not use my own illustrations as much. I've learned how to illustrate in a sorter amount of time but I needed to learn how to create something in an extremely short amount of time even if it required not using my own illustrations. So I used other sources for portions of the illustration (legally ;) ) and incorporated a few of my own. I left the background white because I loved the contrast of the blue and the pink. It felt very minimalistic which I loved.

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