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This week was a challenge. Spring has officially kicked in and that means allergies are in full attack mode. One of my challenges was decision making. We had the option of creating a cereal box or a 3D box. My heart said the cereal box because I could redeem myself for the past cereal box I illustrated BUT I chose to do the typography box considering I didn't have much typography in my portfolio. The next challenge was being sick. The lesson I learned in the real world is clients don't care. You still have a deadline to meet. Although I was frustrated I pushed through and got it done. The next challenge was the animation portion of the project. I had computer issues and I couldn't get my computer to stop crashing. I've always had an interest in animation and I learned a lot using the Timeline in Photoshop.

I used a black and white color scheme for my box. I wanted to use multiple effects in Illustrator such as Bevel & Embossed, a "stepping letter" effect using the Isometric Top effect and more. I learned a variety of typography tricks by exploring those options.

Check out my box and gif animation results below:

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