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Design Elements, Design Principles, and Compositional Organization

"Communication design is essentially the crafting of a message meant for a specific section of the public. This written message is infused with meaningful and relevant visual components. The composition of these components should amplify, clarify, and enhance the message for the viewer. To assist in making sound design choices, a designer applies principles of composition and principles of organization to the design elements selected for a project."

1. Name the design principle that distorts realistic relationships for visual effect and emphasis. Scale is a design principle that distorts realistic relationships for visual effects and emphasis. When a design is visually distorted from one element to another it makes the viewer instantly engaged and want to discover why.

2. Name the three building blocks of design that pertain to form. Point, line, and plane are building blocks of design. 3. Describe the eight organizational systems that apply to typography. Alignment, Contrast, Color Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Scale, Proximity, and Rhythm 4. What are two typographic categories? Display and Content

5. How many levels of visual hierarchy are needed for hierarchy to exist? There are three levels of visual hierarchy to follow such as title, subtitle, and text block.

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