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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Unfortunately, bad ads are everywhere. Escaping a bad ad in the design world is highly unlike. Every year there is an controversial ad. How do you know if its a bad ad? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Can I read it?

2. Is it legible far away?

3. Does it offend me or my friends?

4. Is it cluttered?

5. Does it promote something bad?

Here's a recent controversial ad. Dove apologized for posted an advert ad on it's Facebook page. To most it appears that the woman was turned into a white woman after using Dove's soap. This sparked an immediate rush of backlash. Many believed that Dove was implying that women of color were dirty.

But all bad ads aren't controversial. Some ads are just poorly designed. Here's one for example:

Now apply the previous questions you answered to this ad? What do you think? Is this a bad ad or good ad? If you answered bad that is correct! This ad has clutter, bad typography, and it is not legible.

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