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Creative Process: Haper's Magazine

DEFINE THE COMMUNICATION PROBLEM I define my communication problem as lust. Although, lust was only the one out of seven it stood out to me the most and it's still current in the modern world. CONDUCT RESEARCH

Next, I had to conduct my research. There was little to review from Harper's Magazine prior campaign without purchasing a subscription. This left me to only have to go based off basic knowledge about the seven deadly sins. Other than researching the seven deadly sins I needed to review Harper's Magazine style then and compare it to their style now. I did come across something interesting and I couldn't differentiate the two factors. Now this may be a silly question but I wondered if Harper's Magazine is now what we call Harper's Bazar?


Next, I had to develop concepts. This was my favorite part. It was time to brainstorm. I knew I wanted my concept to display a few common aspects; the ability to appear modern and vintage, sarcastically or bluntly get the message across, and use a typical sex symbol as the attention getter. Using Pinterest for inspiration and color scheme I came up with a mood board to help plan out a few concepts.


For my solution implementation, I stuck to the plan and use Marilyn Monroe as my sex symbol. I didn't go with one option which was to use an original picture of her instead I created an illustration. I used a small quote to get the message of choosing chastity over lust. I also chose a vibrant and more modern color scheme

Check out a brief visual step-by-step below:


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