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Communication Design and The Design Process

1.How does communication design work within the constraints of print and media? It works within the constraints because all design works are intended to communicate to a specific audience and the design has to support that.

2.How does the creative process relate to strategic problem solving? When good planning occurs during the creative process it can make a project run smoothly and without any surprises.

3.How is the creative process related to the design process? The creative process is the brainstorming process that ultimately leads to the design process resulting in the final product.

4.What are the critical phases of the design process? 1. Define 2. Conduct Research 3. Develop Concept 4. Implement Solutions

5.How does project research help to define a communication problem? Project research helps focus on the direct on the design process. It also helps to provide justification for any proposed communication solutions.

6.What are some examples of brainstorming techniques that generate multiple concepts based on a common message? Thumbnails, roughs, and comps are examples of brainstorming that can generate multiple concepts.

7.How does using a metaphoric device generate concepts? Rhetoric devices such as metaphors help find new ways to use art of persuasion to express the intended message.

8.How do concepts translate into messages within a visual form? Concepts aren’t messages but can instead be an idea later translated into a message using the developmental stages of design such as: thumbnails, roughs, and comps to contextualize an idea to a message in an unique way.

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