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Ty Talks " Purchasing Beginner Friendly Equipment"

Momma always told me, "Tyshika you have to spend money to make money". As a newborn photographer I've found myself always wanting the BEST when I could still use more affordable equipment and still have the same results. Amazon has become my best friend and my worst enemy. When I first introduced my interest in photography my grandfather reached into his shed and pulled out some old lighting equipment. As a college student, purchasing lighting wasn't something my pockets always agreed with. Sometimes you have to work with what you got. Softbox lights are always good for beginners, here's a link to some affordable and decent size lights. These lights are perfect for shooting your portraits. Here's more tips on where to find more affordable and good equipment.

Every newborn photography wants the amazing backdrops and gorgeous props to include in their photos.

Here's a tip on how to save money. For those textured backgrounds try visiting your local Walmart or craft supply store (Walmart is probably cheaper) and go through the fabric section. I found it was way cheaper to just get 2ft of fabric cut than to buy a huge backdrop.

What about a backdrop stand? I actually purchased my backdrop stand from Amazon. When I first purchased it I didn't realize how big it was. I was afraid it would be too big for other engagements but luckily the poles were adjustable. Although, the top of the pole (where you would clamp your backdrop to) was designed to be any smaller than 10 ft wide I noticed that if I used the last two poles it would be a perfect size for my other shoots. This saved me tons of money. Try finding those loop holes in your purchases before buying something else.

What about props? Welllllll....this is where my pockets break. Depending on what your looking for I would definitely do my research. For example, the posing pillow for my newborn shoots would be around $100 including bean bag filling so to save some money I went to my local Roses and purchases a bean bag for about $12 and it worked just as good. Check out your local Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Walmart, Target or any other store that may sell props you're interested in and also download any apps you will be surprised in the amount of coupons provided for us crafty people. Amazon and Etsy also play a role in my prop purchases. I often get my costumes from Amazon if I cannot find them anywhere else (be sure to read reviews before purchasing). Etsy is the place I go when I'm digging for gold.. I recently found a craftsman that makes props just for newborns. He had everything I needed so instead of spending $145, I saved $100 on what I was looking for.

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