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Ty Talks "Starting a Photography Business"

For those of you that aren't too familiar with me, I've been doing photography for almost a year now. I've always had an interest but during my classes in school it gave me that extra push to actually pursue it. I found my passion in "newborn and maternity industry". It brought out a creative side of me I had never seen before. I had the freedom to explore different options. My advice to anyone starting out especially if you are someone who is on a budget or a college would be:

1. Find a DSLR camera that suits your budget

Being a college student I ran across a site that sold cameras where I could make monthly payments. But be sure to do your research. I later found that same camera on sale. Stick to whatever option suits your financially capabilities.

2. Practice shutter speed, iso and aperture.

More practice the better. You don't want to always depend on automatic.

3. Find which category suits you or determine if you want to do it all.

I chose children photography because I enjoy kids. I enjoy taking their imagination to another level.

4. Budget!

When it comes to lighting, lens, backdrops and etc. find what suits your budget. Start off small and work your way up as your business expands.

5. Research!

Don't be afraid to learn new tricks and don't follow the hype. Read reviews and make sure every penny counts.

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