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Ty Talks "Accepting your First L"

Let's talk about failures...I believe failures come when we need them the most or simply when God is trying to tell us to slow down. I'll give you an example using a personal experience of mine. So towards the end of last year I got into making hats. I had purchased a sample of one of my favorite hats on my Snapchat (tydajone) and my personal Facebook (Tyshika Dickens). I immediately received a lot of positive feedback but with that feedback came the feeling of being rushed. I felt like I had to get this item out or I would lose my targeted audience. So guess what I did? I rushed. I had a few friends that shared my product with and when they shared it MORE people wanted it. Sadly, I wasn't financially stable to put out a product. For those of you that don't know I'm a college student with a part time job. Coming up with the cash to sell (because you have to spend money to make money) wasn't a easy job for me. Coming in 2017 I reached out to that same audience again hoping they would still be there. THEY WERE but I was still rushing. This resulted in my L (lost). I panicked thinking I would lose them and tried to move on their time instead of my own. The whole time I was reassured I would still have my clients and that they were still waiting but I still moved too quickly. Slow down and handle what's necessary before trying to make major moves. Also, never reveal your plans until you know you're ready.

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